The Beginner’s Guide to Skiing Essentials

Okay, so you’ve decided to take yourself off on your very first skiing holiday. You’re no doubt in for the most fantastic time, but before you go make sure you’ve got all those necessary essentials in place. For a little ‘icespiration’ (see what we did there) here’s a quick guide of what to pack.

Skiing Holidays

Thick layers

You’ll need to wear lots of layers as it’s likely to be very chilly out there! Keep warmth and comfort at the forefront on your mind when packing, making sure you pop some items of breathable clothing in your suitcase to wear on top of the layers. Don’t worry about being too hot, you can simply peel off a layer if needs be. Remember, it’s easier to remove a layer than it is to add one.

Here’s a clothing checklist:

– Thermal vests
– Leggings/long-johns
– Long sleeved t-shirts
– Fleecy tops
– Ski pants or salopettes
– Insulated, waterproof gloves
– Woolly hat
– Ski goggles, so you can see clearly in case of heavy snow
– Plenty of ski socks. We can’t stress how important ski socks are, there’s nothing worse than cold feet
– Swimwear. If there are Jacuzzis on resort, treat yourself to a warm, bubbly soak after a day of skiing. They’re perfect for relaxing tired, achy muscles
– Evening wear. Don’t forget to pack your best clothes to wear in the evenings

Sun Cream, it’s Not Just for Beach Holidays you Know

You will need to get some strong sun cream slapped on you. Don’t be fooled by the snowy weather. Even on cloudy days, you’ll need to wear the protective lotion to guard yourself against sunburn. Mountain sun, along with the reflection from the snow, is far more intense then normal. Get some good sun cream, of at least factor 25, packed.

Don’t Pay Over the Odds for Ski Gear

When it comes to ski gear, it can prove quite pricey, many skiers tend to rent their equipment instead. But if you want to purchase your own, but don’t want to pay over the odds, you might find some cheap ski gear in some shops, especially if there’s a sale on. But make sure you shop around. Second hand gear is another option, check out some online marketplaces, like eBay.

No Need to Pack Skis and Ski Boots

Skiing Holidays

You don’t need to take equipment, such as skis and ski boots, with you. Even the Mr Snow-it-alls out there know that it’s best to hire these in resort. And remember, the ski boot is the most important item of ski equipment, so make sure the boots fit your feet nice and snugly. Comfort is key.

Follow our above guide to packing and you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re going to be skiing in Meribel, hitting the slopes of Austria or heading to Canada, it’s vital you pack everything you need to. If not, you could end up spending more time in the shops than on the slopes. Happy skiing!