MGM luxury apartments for sale in Chatel

Luxury MGM Apartments in ChatelIt must be happening. Chatel must be hitting the big time. How do we know? Simple, MGM, the Alpine construction giants, will be building a massive development of apartments close to the centre of Chatel. Construction will start in May 2011, and completion of the first wave will be Christmas 2012.

We feel privileged because Alpine-Property Chatel has been granted a rare opportunity to sell these apartments. MGM doesn’t often work with estate agencies, and we are the only agency in Chatel allowed to sell these beautiful properties.

For more information, here are links to more information about MGM Chatel Apartments and Alpine-Property’s other properties for sale in Chatel.

Since their release in early January, the apartments have been selling extremely fast. If you want to buy a luxury apartment in the alps, don’t think about it for too long!