A stage of the “Tour de Romandie” cycle race to come to Châtel

The “Tour de Romandie”, which will be held April 27 to May 2 2010 will end a stage Chatel.

After starting in Porrentruy (Jura), the race will pass by by Freiburg, Moudon, Chatel (France), ending with a big mountain stage and starting and finishing in Sion.

Arriving in Chatel, Saturday 1 May, this will be an event as this is the first time the Tour end a stage on foreign soil.

The first nip of winter

We haven’t posted here for a while – mostly because we have been so busy taking bookings for next winter. However, we thought you’d want to know that we have had the first nip of winter, with light snow on the mountains and sub zero temperatures in the village.

Good news for skiers! Not so good news for those of us who still have work to finish off outside…!

Visit the Chatel Weather Forecast page for more information.