Chatel’s big red London bus…

This weekend is Chatel’s St Laurant festival – an annual festival celebrating the village’s patron saint.

This is always a colourful and fun day, with floats of all descriptions making circuits of the village centre. This year, however, the British expats have been invited to enter the procession. Are we going to be subtle about things? Absolutely not! Look out for a large red London bus on the streets of Chatel. Possibly similar in quality to the Bejing/London Olympic red bus (although we can’t guarantee David Beckham will be on it).

I will post photos after the event.

Chatel Mountain Style Contest – July 3-5 2009

This weekend, Chatel will host the 3rd Mountain Style Contest. Once again, the course looks insane, with massive drops offs, near vertical descents and huge gaps.

An impressive international list of riders has been anounced including:

Steve ROMANIUK (Can), Lance MC DERMOTT (UK), Thomas VANDERHAM (Can), Kyle NORBRATEN (Can), Curtis ROBINSON (Can), Dylan DUNKERTON (Can), Sam PILGRIM (Can), Kurtis SORGE (Can), James DOERFLING (Can), Gareth BUELHER (Can), Pascal BREITENSTEIN (Sui), Mischa BREITENSTEIN (Sui), Julien FOURNIER (Sui), Graham AGASSIZ (Can), Antoine DUBOURGNON (Fra), Yoann PACCARD (Fra), Fabien PEDEMANAUD (F), Brandon HOWEY (USA), Cyril KURTZ (Fra), Simon KIRCHMANN (All), Floriane PUGIN (Fra), Joscha FORSTREUTER (All), Robin CHAUVIN (Fra), Damien HUSCZ (Fra), Mike KINRADE (Can), Kyle JAMESON (USA), Daren BERRECLOTH (Can), Ben BOYKO (Can), Bruno PENONE (Fra), Peter HANKE (All), Tristan AMBID (Fra).

The program is as follows:

Friday 3rd July
9h-17h Riders, press and partners welcome.
Site visit.
Pro/Amateurs training “The Face”
Pro/Amateurs training women “The Girly Face”
18h Aperitif Contest presentation

Saturday 4th July
9h-13h Pro/Amateurs training “The Face”
Pro/Amateurs training women “The Girly Face”
14h Ranking run – men and women
 Partnership evening party.
19h Dirt Jam
20h Kranked – Revolve movie played on the giant screen.
Party at the Sloopy’s

Sunday 5th July 
9h Finals in two runs: men and women
15h Prize giving